Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Corgi Love

Corgi's seem to be getting a lot of love these days. It's certainly rubbing off on me...I want one!

The rise to fame may very well be due to the now infamous CorgiCam. 24 hours a day you can watch little corgi pups live! All they really do is sleep, but sometimes the mother moves them around a bit. I really want to see one take dump on cam. If you witness this, please let me know so I can tune in. You can stream CorgiCam below!

Here is another awesome corgi video of a little guy running around a water park and having a blast! He is certainly having more fun than the lame kids standing around. They won't be featured on any "kids having fun" blogs.


Lastly you should check out this video of a little corgi in a life jacket flopping into a lake. It's amazing. The uploaders have unfortunately disabled embedding (damn you) so I'll just provide the link.


Sunday, August 12, 2012


A generation that has grown up watching the Lion King will forever have a soft spot for one of the most dangerous animals we could ever interact with. I happened to find a video that paints a very similar picture to the that above, the only difference being Simba eats Pumbaa. Ain't no hakuna matata for this hog.

At the three minute mark we have some adorable little lion cubs trying to scrounge a little meat from there pep pep, who is a greedy, abusive alcoholic. If you know a lion suffering from addiction or abuse, reach out to them, like this guy.


 And we shall keep on getting cuter to forget about that hog massacre.


 And finally I bring you Manchester United's newest signing: South African national "Triton." There was quite a bit of controversy when he ate Theo Walcott in a friendly the other night.


Oh yeah, regarding a dying lion: "The lion also reported that he has heard no triumphant string music backed by thundering tribal drums swelling all around him, but rather only the sound of flies buzzing around his soon-to-be lifeless body. "I guess I thought there'd be a choir of chanting, melodic voices, and that all the animals of the African valley would gather on a distant ridge to respectfully view my last moments and recognize our essential interconnectedness," said the lion, drawing his last labored breaths. "But there's nobody else around at all, except those vultures."


Friday, August 10, 2012

Epic Escape & Lawyer Dog

Cat vs Dog. It's an unprecedented historic rivalry, no doubt. They are as likely to get along as an Israeli and a Palestinian (it happens, but likely not the norm). Today, I present you a new chapter in this epic battle of differing domesticated species. I present to you, surfing cat.


In other news, dogs of the world must know by now that if they find themselves in trouble with the law, lawyer dog is here to represent them!

Quack Attack

I really love this video. This is one cool little duck and he is fast! This duckling is the Usain Bolt of poultry. Do they do duck races anywhere? That would be awesome.

These baby ducks below had to deal with some harsh winds. This video might even be enjoyable to people that, for some reason, hate ducks.

Oh, and here's a picture I took a few years back that I really like.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


It's Thurday! The weekend is just around the corner! ARE YOU FUCKING READY?!? If not, this extremly intense video of an octopus moving a few feet to freedom will surely pump up your kicks.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sleeping Kittens and Cat Discrimination

It's kitten time! Seriously, if that video doesn't bring a smile to your face, you're just a miserable bastard.

Here we have a classic case of cat racism. Listen to the way they refer to the black cat towards the end: "Oh, you..." Then they whip a treat at its face, only for the other cat to gobble it up.

And finally, the little kitten that...couldn't...

Otter vs Walrus

The Walrus. Of the Marine Mammals, it is widely looked upon as the most evil. The most feared. The most racist. They eat penguins (I think) and have big scary tusks. They look like the animal equivalent of a slave plantation owner. Thankfully, the owners of this Sea Otter are aware that when their little otter grows up and wants to move out, it just may find itself up against one of these old men. This video is great. It may go on a little too long for some you ADHD animal internet video watchers, but *spoiler alert* if you watch long enough, another otter will appear

Oh, and don't think Walruses are all that bad?


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rabbit in the Snow

Alright everyone, are you ready?


 Part of the reason I moved away from the Northeast is because I am sick of the terrible winters and the depressing build up of dirty snow that refuses to ever melt. However, I will miss those fresh coats of new snow in the early winter months, when you don't quite yet want to invest in a blowtorch and cause some global warming. Which brings us to this adorable video of some lop eared rabbits playing in a fresh coat of snow! Watch as the owners toss them right in and the rabbit explores! I wouldn't be surprised if the rabbit was actually miserable in this video, frantically trying to dig to warmth, but it sure looks cute for us!


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