Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Corgi Love

Corgi's seem to be getting a lot of love these days. It's certainly rubbing off on me...I want one!

The rise to fame may very well be due to the now infamous CorgiCam. 24 hours a day you can watch little corgi pups live! All they really do is sleep, but sometimes the mother moves them around a bit. I really want to see one take dump on cam. If you witness this, please let me know so I can tune in. You can stream CorgiCam below!

Here is another awesome corgi video of a little guy running around a water park and having a blast! He is certainly having more fun than the lame kids standing around. They won't be featured on any "kids having fun" blogs.


Lastly you should check out this video of a little corgi in a life jacket flopping into a lake. It's amazing. The uploaders have unfortunately disabled embedding (damn you) so I'll just provide the link.


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